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SPOILER AHEAD!!! Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled! This movie was such a tearjerker! All the girls watching were crying. My friends that I went with also cried but I didn't lol . It was a bittersweet kind of movie. I love the country living style in this movie. Song Joong Ki's acting was superb and so was Park Bo Young's. Somehow I feel like it wasn't a romantic kind of melodrama movie but more like one of those tearjerking dog movie. Song Joong Ki has such a baby face so it was perfect for him in this role. I secretly hope for a happy ending between the leads but guess it was natural for her to go on living a normal life. I'm glad that they got to meet again. I think a lot of girls were hooked on Song Joong Ki's werewolf boy because many of my friends who went to see the movie put up status like: "Next boy I date will be a Korean werewolf boy" which makes me lol so much. The movie has a lot of comedy scenes as well and the place where it was shot was beautiful. Maybe in Gangwon-do which is northern Korea. I hope you guys who are not in Korea get to watch this soon. It's definitely worth watching for any Song Joong Ki fans. But be careful, you'll fall in love with him even more after this movie haha
in india... you can only download other options!
yea it's just so great to be able to watch a new movie with english sub in Korea
hahhaha... that's great soula... wish there was something like that in our theaters when they show foreign films that aren't english
oh the one i watched in the theater had eng sub haha
when will it be subbed?? :'( soula can you understand korean?
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