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full house take 2 is picking up.. and no min woo is getting better and cuter..and i think he resembles Geun suk when he's acting mean.. and Rain when he's being cute.. what do you think?
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he resembles them right? especially rain from full house when he smiles!
Hehehejust finished watching up to ep 11 and I want more!!!! I like the story!!! DAEBAK! Initially I'm having hesitations about the drama but then when I watched it I was totally hooked and absolutely liked it! Yup I agree that the guys have similarities with JGS its just just a few similarities he still has his own style in acting that is really intriguing...
me too..happy that it gets subbed so fast.. i was so repelled by the hairstyles but because of all the melos..i'm loving the cuteness!
me too both no min woo and park ki woong are adorable to the max!!
yes... ki woong was always adorable..but that thumb in the mouth scene ,, min woo stole the show