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Live recap ENDED I will not be able to do live recap for tomorrow's ep due to some personal business. Hope to see you all next week! ------------------------------------------------------- Jae Shin x Shi Kyung couple is what I'm looking forward to the most in today's ep! I don't know why I always feel sick when I do live recap for K2H. But tonight I'm officially sick so if i make more mistakes than usually please bear with me >_< ------------------------------------------------------ Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below~~~ Check out <a href=><b><i>K2H Party</i></b></a> for live screencaps by <b>sapphire148</b> *heart* <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (uh...Sexy King?): JH Kang Ah (Queen of Action): KA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psycho Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- JS turned around and saw BB (putting a piece of chocolate in her mouth). She tried to run away by reaching forward to the driver seat. SK got a hunch and went to the car and saw what JS is doing. He holds her and asks what's wrong. She looks to the window but it seems BB is gone. JS is in shock. JS can barely speaks. she just utters some sounds. Tears are in her eyes and SK cries too hugging her. He asks if she can recognize her, she answers Eun Shi Kyung. awwww KA's dad informs her dad she lost the baby. He tries to comfort her. He says it's just been a month. KA doesn't know how to feel since she didn't even know there was a life inside her. Dad left to let her rest. KA is alone, touches her stomach. KT is talking to JH about what to do with KA's case. He urges JH to leave it as no comment since he didn't marry her yet and reminds him that he is a king. Having a baby before marriage will cause scandal. JH refuses saying he knows what he did and wants to take responsibility for the baby and HA as well. KT is still trying to persuade JH (persistent old man) but JH red with tears (again…) saying I cannot do that to the one I love!!! (that's my man) SK is talking on the phone. Palace servants are helping JH on the wheelchair. She seems distressed. SK wants to help move JS to bed. He moves the blanket away and fluster about how to carry JS. So funny she has to show him how to do it and put his hands on her shoulder. He picks her up princess style. He avoids her eyes. She asks why cant you look at me? What are you thinking? He panics and throws (?!!?) her on the bed. He apologizes and asks if she's hurt. She's shocked but asked him to stay because she's scared so he stands guard next to her bed. QD is watching the NK news about the baby. They keep saying that it's hurting them and stuff. JH ordered for SK to come and asks for his help. HA is watching a baby shower while smiling. It seems to be her friend's baby. The friend and mother came to comfort her about her lost baby. She tried to smile and left. She saw an NK high rank officers along with others and salutes him. HA is watching the news in which they interview SK's citizens and they all blame it on her saying it was abortion and it was her fault. HA asked why he showed her this. The officer have some reporters come in to video her. She said hi to SK people saying she's doing well and don't worry about her. I'm still hurt but I'm strong The annoying old man officer didn't like how she said it and screamed at her. She said why are you doing this to me??! I'm tired and left. Her dad saw her and asked what happened. He asked if there's no contact from SK KT is talking about HA's case again but JH has tons of lab tubes in front of him experimenting something. He seems to try to make a kind of lotion or something. JH said he wants to change the interior design in his office and some people are arranging stuff. KT then excuses himself. Right after he leaves, the staff closes the door and reveals a camera. Looks like JH is gonna make a statement. Then switched to QD meeting JH. She asked what is he doing. She brings out tons of vitamin and stuff to send to HA. She asks if he slept with HA and is sad about the baby. JH hugs her saying he's not doing this because of responsibility. They should not live hurting someone. QD said she's not doing it tomorrow and won't help him JH is dressed up and nervous. Someone informs him it will start in 20 mins. JH calls someone he knows to let them know there's something going on at 10. QD is dressed up and called for KT. She asks her to report to her about the country education. Nice tactic! keeping the bad guy busy! SK and other SP are discussing something. Princess JS is getting dressed up to go to the hospital. Still looking pretty. SK is reporting to her. The servants excuse themselves leaving them alone. JS moves her wheelchair to facing SK asking what the hell he is doing. She got mad at him saying he hates her then why being nice to her. She says she's not going to the hospital then he left. She yells at him. JH is in the car. His assistant seems to want to go with him but he blocks the door then the car drives off. QD is keeping KT busy asking him questions. KT got a text from someone informing him the King left. He called the phone but QD said it's only 2mins left KT won't make it. At a museum some kids looking at some king's photo then suddenly live broadcast of JH goes on. He informs everyone that the baby that HA had a miscarriage was his baby. I apologized to HA in front of the TV saying even though he is the king he made a mistake. Everyone is watching it including JS and QD. He said the pain of losing the baby no medicine can lessen it. He is going to somewhere while voices about this broadcast playing in his head. He's going to the Untited Station of Education or something like that. He's talking so some foreigner officer. He asks them to help him just for 10 mins. It seems he wants them to help him to get permission to contact the North since everything has been cut off or something. Not for politics just a man meeting a woman. NK big wigs including HA's dad are discussing the news. Someone knocks on the door. JH is waiting in front of the phone but it doesn't ring. SK receives a text from KT asking what he is doing. JH is leaving with his SP and foreign officers chasing after him worrying about NK hasn't given their permission to come. JH assures them and the guy nods in support. JH walks while admiring the nature, voices in his head. The relationship between NK and SK are sad. This is the road a king has to walk and he cannot do much but to his beloved, he will take responsibility in his own way. Someone informs NK that JH is coming. JH is standing at the border waiting. Some NK sodiers are pointing the riffles at JH waiting for order to shoot. Do we shoot or not. JH walks with confidence to the NK headquarter buidling and passed the border. The NK big wigs are going crazy. HA's dad went to HA to inform her JH came telling her not to meet him. But HA said she will meet him. Dad asked if she's crazy. HA said she's not the old HA. JH came to HA's house and dad is standing with unhappy face. JH said good to see you again holding out his hand for a handshake but dad ignores and go back inside. HA is sitting nervously. JH walks in and looks at her. HA asks him to sit down. She stands as he walks to her. She asks if he likes coffee and makes instant coffee for him. She told him she's going to meet her friends and 3pm (so make it quick). She asks what he wants to say and tell him he has 30' left. He told her he prepared something for her. SK takes out what he carries in the silver suitcase. HA opens the present and it's a huge set of hand cream and lotion. He told her if she comes back there will be more. She said wow this is quite something and she likes it (seems sarcastically to me). She asks him if this makes him happy and say sorry that she knows too much about you. He said he made her sad so she can hate him. HA said she doesn't hate him because she has no feeling for him now and what she hates the most is herself. She speaks in tears and he is also in tears listening. She said why did she love him and always be fooled by him. She didn't even know she had a baby and waited a long time for him. She showed him her finger saying the baby 1 month old was just 1cm like this. But it still has heartbeat and I killed it. She said while crying. He wants to hold her hand but she pushes it away saying go, I don't want your dirty hands. She will never change her mind and told him to go back. JH walks in the hallway with his SP. KT calls SK on his phone and asks to talk to JH. JH talks to KT saying he is not a king just a young man who is talking to an uncle. He asks KT to believe him since he did a lot of thinking before coming here but the things KT said makes him loose his confidence. He knows he's a loser but please believe him just once. He'll do his best. BG is doing some weird magic show and his gf is bored so she left. His foreign assistant came to report to him. BG said he wants scare JH. He puts the guy's hand in a mini french execution and pulled down the blade. A finger rolls off but it was a fake one. The guy was scared but tried to be calm. BG declares he's gonna come up with some plan to scare JH and laughs off JH is talking to another big wig. Things don't seem to go well but JH got the lead and scared off the guy. He said he is apologetic toward HA but he doesn't care about the rest of them. He said if he gets angry no one can stop him. He asks if the guy is ok with him become enemy. HA is watching the news from SK. She reads the newspaper about the king goes to the chicken factory and is shocked. Some palace servants are saying how handsome JH is looking at the newspaper. JS happens to pass by and reprimands them. She snatched the newspaper from them and saw SK was there too. She calls him. (since when she called him oppa?!?!?!!!) She asked if he went with her brother and dint' let her know. He says something and she's soften right away. She says he's not funny and he says he knows it. She asks if her brother is well. He says yes. She asks about HA. He says she's ok too. JS asks please bring her back to SK if not she's not going to the hospital then hangs up on him. NK big wigs are having a heated discussion about JH and the marriage thing and how it brings nothing but trouble to them. HA's dad is talking on the phone with someone. At a nice place near the sea. BG is doing a video. It looks like he is about to confess something really crazy. JH is at an NK restaurant. The waitress tells him to eat the cold noodle but they don't use the scissors to cut it. He complains about the smell. Then some people suddenly claps their hands loudly. Then they realized he's here and apologized. He asks what happens. The guy tells him his daughter just got into university. He says well since he's a SK King he will treat everyone the meal. NK big wig is talking to a foreign guy on the train. There seems to be a record or something with red light flashing. HA's having meal with her dad then he suddenly got up because of a phone call. It seems someone is plotting the kill JH. BG is still talking to the video as if talking to JH. Everyone in the restaurant is still clapping for JH. HA overhears the part where someone wants to kill JH. BG creepily says Jae Ha, what would I do if you die. END Preview: HA is looking at the lotion set JH gave her. JH went to the amusement park. He winks at the camera (OMGG). Then he is at a place with cherry blossom at night. HA changes to her NK officer uniform. There are more but that's all I can remember >__<. The preview went really fast and too many details
Soula81 you really work hard. thank you and i'll wait your live recap next week
soula81 hi dearie!!! fiuhhh well done!
thank you so're my lifesaver..:D
you're all welcome everyone! glad you liked it! but too bad i can't do live recap tomorrow due to some personal business :(( . I'm very sad but hope to see you all next week. Please come back to give me strength and support!
ugh, who know to win his woman back our King had to go through so much frickin' political ramifications!!
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