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Song Joong Ki became the ′nice guy′ and wished the students preparing for their college entrance exam lots of luck. On November 7, Sidus released through its official me2day a video of Song Joong Ki cheering for the test takers. In the video, Song Joong Ki said, "Hello this is Song Joong Ki. In a few days it will be November 8, the day of the college entrance exams. I hope you all get the great scores you′ve studied for." The actor, who graduated from Sungkyunkwan University, added, "When I think back to how I felt when I took my exam, I don′t know why I was so nervous, but just take a deep breath, and if you keep calm it will be great." "First, it′s important not to get nervous, and I believe if you are able to show everything you′ve prepared you′ll get great results," he said. "Use everything you′ve worked so hard on, and I hope you all get great results after the exams on November 8."
and a good looking and intelligent person too
ANd I am falling for him even more. :"> He is also a good actor.
hehe.. perfect bachelor!
wow, he is so perfect. Having good looks and brain