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Hey guys! My cousin's amazing hair is back! xD What you need: -A brush -Heat Protection Spray -Some clips to section off the hair as desired. -REVLON 3 BARREL WAVE STYLER (ceramic coating; or any type of crimper, other crimpers may change the look of the overall waves) 1) Start off with clean, dry hair (free of hair products) . 2) Lightly mist the hair with Heat Protection Spray. After that, brush the hair to ensure that the spray is distributed into all of the hair. 3) Section off the hair with clips. I sectioned the top half of her hair first then clipped that section of hair on top of her head. Next, I sectioned half of the bottom half of hair and also clipped that section of hair to the top. 4) Crimp! Start from the roots and work your way down to the ends. This crimper only has two temperature settings: low and high. I crimped her hair on high the whole time, but each time I would go in to crimp a section of hair, I let it crimp for 2 to 4 seconds even though her hair is thick. 5) After crimping the first section, unclip the next section and continue crimping. Repeat this process until you have crimped the entire hair. 6) You're finished! Style the hair as you wish.