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Sorry it took so long for this, my grandpa had a stroke so had to find a day to get this film and edit it and I finally got it done haha. It kinda sucks but whatever haha
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@steezster looks like you need to tighten your helmet strap. @IsaacPaulR it can be harder to loose traction on flat tops.
3 years ago·Reply
leave me alone :(@DanielSpazJames
3 years ago·Reply
Okay, but great video I'll probably check it out again when I try out pendies.
3 years ago·Reply
The whole time I was like, "How akward would it be if someone drove by" And then the Akward Truck came by lol
3 years ago·Reply
Haha yeah :P @ThtYoungElwoodJ and thanks I was just messin with you i do need to tighten it haha
3 years ago·Reply