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Happy Valentine's Day!!! I guess for me Valentines Day has never been just for lovers it's a day for Love period, so I try to do something nice for all my loved ones on Valentines Day which is one reason a baked this heart shaped Red Velvet cake for my family. Like all the last 9 valentines days I am of course single this year but who cares I hope everyone out there has a great day with their special someone or their best friend or their whole family. I get when people say "it's just another day you should treat your loved one special everyday " but let's be realistic who has time to give flowers everyday or a fancy dinner every night or a special breakfast every morning. Life gets hectic and busy and before you know it a whole week or month has passed. Time really does fly and once and awhile we get the opportunity like on Valentines Day, Birthdays, and Holidays when we can tell and show those we love how much we appreciate them so I hope everyone take that opportunity today.
Adorable!! I love your advice too. I am A-Okay with being single on Valentine's Day because I'm surrounded by so much love every day :)
Great advice: you have to just love who you have in your life on V-day! Not just worry about being single or not :)
@VivianaMorales That's smart - I tried to do the trick of cutting a round cake in half, moving it around like its a puzzle and then covering the new heart shape in icing but it just looked like a lumpy cake hah!
I have a heart shaped cake pan I've had it forever I don't even remember when I bought it lol
You really got the perfect heart shape! I attempted this once and it was NOT this cute hahah Great job and Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!