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me too.. but my neighbor is younger and doesnt even talk to me!! but FBN starts in december right?
5 years ago·Reply
nope. It will be on january 7. I don't have any flower boy neighbor since all of my neighbors were old man
5 years ago·Reply
lols.. we're both in awful situations!! i don't get it..what's with guys? the guys i like dont like me..the guys who like me ..i dont like them ..this world is an unjust place!
5 years ago·Reply
the guys who like me ..i dont like them .. wow so there are a lot of guys that likes you ;P I guess your expectations were too high :)
5 years ago·Reply
haha... common..what does a gal want ..just a guy like joong ki!! kidding..not many but yes 1 or 2!!
5 years ago·Reply