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in action!
Rosie the Riveter, African American style - http://pinterest.com/pin/194640015120344142/?s=3&m=vingle
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Hmm...I'd like to know a little more background on this photograph. Not much context here!
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@dilonk .... im not sure what factory they're working in or the exact process they're playing in the drilling of that sheet metal. there's a large number of african american women that assisted in towing the line during the wartime effort of ole. :-) it's an under honored fact--i thought this photo and the many others like it was a fine testament. here's a link, but im sure you could do some independent research too! enjoy! :) http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/blog/gallery/15-rare-photos-of-black-rosie-the-riveters/
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