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Cat grabs treats from beneath bed
This reminds me of when I am on a diet. Go to the kitchen, and when "no one is looking," I take just 50 "one more"s. Anyone with me?
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AWE,,,dorable! That bad boy under the couch is something else!
3 years ago·Reply
That is too hilarious and too cute! What is that cat who isn't getting any treats thinking though? Hahaha!
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haha @redridergirl I don't think that lil baby cares. Like she couldn't be bothered to care. It'd take too much effort.
3 years ago·Reply
@DaniaChicago You're probably right! That lil one seems not to care poor baby! Just hate for it to miss out! Thought it doesn't looked starved!
3 years ago·Reply
hahaa @redridergirl She looks nice n plump to me too. That orange paw makes me laugh. reminds me of hungry hungry hippos
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