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According to this woman on Family Feud, that is a common thing that doctors pull out of people. How that is understandable is beyond me, but she tries to defend her answer saying that it is something that she has heard before. I am very curious to see what kind of friends this woman has...
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I can only politely say she is right! Her opponent got it as evidenced by his laugh. How it didn't show up on their poll I am sure only because it is a family show. There are those who know what the Gerbil answer is about right! Among other various objects! Hahaha! Instead of the song - What did the the Fox Say? It should be - What did the Gerbil Say! For those who don't you'll have to ask around your friends. I don't think we can explain the various facts of life here. Not everyone is exposed to everything.
I don't get it either. I'm going to ask my mom what that's about.
I didn't even have to watch the clip (though I did) to get the joke. lol Google mice and richard gere. DONT ask your mom @daniaChicago!!! lolol