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Tactus Technology is now taking preorders for its first product, the Phorm: an iPad Mini case-and-screen cover combo. The best part of this is that the screen cover “grows” an actual physical keyboard when you slide the button on the back of the case. To create the raised buttons, Phorm’s screen protector uses microfluidics — tiny channels of fluid inside the screen — that expand and retract.
The main issue that I have with this product though is that a lot of people already use Swype. For those not familiar with Swype, it basically is a way to swipe your words on your touchscreen. Apparently typing requires too much effort... Either way, I see Phorm being the first step in improving the interface of touchscreens because of it creates new technology in the form of a screenprotector. While I am not impressed by this product, I am curious to see what people can develop with this idea.
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Interesting....I wonder how this will sell. I use swype as well, and I really love it. I could see the older crowd liking this product...I know my mom would appreciate it.
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