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Feel free to spread the words if you like this card :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jae Shin read a newspaper and found out that Si Kyung is in North Korea with the King. They are so cute! I also found this really funny. A waitress told Jae Ha how to eat cold noodle in North Korea and he feels that he is going to puke. Meanwhile, the evil magician was planning something bad again!! He made a plan with a North Korean official to kill the King! What will happen in the next episode??!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
thanks for the live screencaps sapphire! i thought i saw part 6 but now it's nowhere to be found >_<
having problem uploading the preview for ep 12 *sob* will post tomorrow morning. ooooo u worked hard really!
hi... sapphire148
suka bangettt^^