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Totally Kyle! (totally)
I deeply miss the Amanda Show.
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i don't have cable bt i wish i did cus i heard theres a 90's nick channel. hey Arnold, doug, rugrats during tha day n teen nick at night.! i so miss tha Amanda show, kenan n kell, all that. tha movie good burger.! awh those were tha days....
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yeah, they definitely were. But, I do love how they're doing re-runs of those shows like you said. Good Burger is on Netflix!! @Fembott
3 years ago·Reply
dang really @inarsa i need ta get out tha stone age n get something with entertainment lol i need netflix or cable or both n my mom loves hulu n I'm over here with dvds =P
3 years ago·Reply
Haha update to get the good old shows @Fembott !
3 years ago·Reply
lol ikr xD @inarsa
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