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The blog over at The Knot made a cool post showcasing the idea that the creator of Heck Yeah Disney on tumblr had: to attempt to put together some Disney inspired engagement rings! If you visit the Gemvara website, you can create your very own rings, changing the color of the stones, the metal, and more to make the perfect ring. And, if you're like me and a little obsessed with Disney, you can make one of these!
Be warned, though, they don't run cheap! I tried to make the Ariel one and the Rapunzel one using the Gemvara website, and the cheapest I got get using a similar color scheme was still over $1K! Swipe through the images above to see them all!!
I just tried this and my ring was $1230 not a bad price and a lot of fun to try!
I like it
@DaniaChicago I had fun playing with the tool, too! Still too pricey for me, considering I just want one as a ring for myself, not an engagement ring lol! @pipeline I won't send it to her, then? :P
If my girlfriend sees this I might as well kiss my bank account good bye. The amount of Little Mermaid merch that girl has is ridiculous.