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I'm really excited because it's starting to feel like spring. If you've been shopping online you will notice the revival of the double denim trend making its way into the season. So, how do you redefine the classic denim this Spring?

Wash It Out

In order to not look too blended, you need a stark contrast between denims. A light denim paired with acid wash denim for instance, or a dark wash with a light wash. If you're wearing a dress, try layering and accessorizing.

Denim Overall

Look for interesting cuts and colors. Don't forget to layer it over crop or mesh tops.

Frayed or Fringe

A touch of unexpected finish adds a whole new attitude to your outfit. Go beyond a distress jean with a frayed or fringe details.
Growing up I really hated the double denim fashion. However I do think a black denim and chambray looks great together.
love it.
I could never pull off the fringe look but I secretly adore it.
The fringe style isn't bad but not everyone can pull it off.
The washed out denim and overall are the only ones I'm comfortable to try.