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so I just ordered some caliber 2 trucks and need some bushings for them. my style of riding is mostly crusig and freeride. any suggestions one what bushing to get.
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if you're just cruising then there isn't really a point of getting new bushings
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Get some nipples from oranatang or a soft barrel/cone combo of any brand really. Cruising isnt much in need of specific bushings
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So you want it to be rigid but still carve without too much effort? Then go one or two Duros under the recommended for your weight.. Two if you like to carve more, one if you like it more rigid. And I'd probably go standard (cone roadside barrel board side)
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If you are doing downhill freeride, check out muirskate they have the "almost precision package" comes with bushings and washers to give the trucks a very reliable, stable feeling. That being said the bushings that come with the caliber 2s are pretty good I would suggest trying them out before dishing out more money
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