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Setup Sunday!

GAHHHHHH WE NEED BETTER WEATHER SO I CAN RIDE. I don't want to type out all the specifics, I've broken down each of these boards in previous cards but if you comment with a question I'll gladly answer it
@AlainCasimiro Not sure what you're point was but I'm glad you're smiling about it, yeah that Switch Ninja is a $130ish dollar complete set up, I know a lot of people spend that on a deck but I'm thrifty
@IsaacPaulR I've never rode it, it sits in my room remaining pristine so I can sell it to my friend. I don't want it, it's flexy and has minimal concave with 1/2" risers. It's a cruiser/carver, a great board for someone but not for me
Lol hows that prize board working out?
I see Ehlers :) I heard their boards are cheaper :)
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