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You're not alone! I believed these too at some point. But it's high time we clear the air and debunk these common acne myths. In everything that you do, get educated because this is the only skin we have. We've got to band together and agree to cherish our skin.
Dirty skin causes acne.
Not so. This myth has led many to destroy the ecosystem of the face. Harsh chemicals, applied harshly, and repetitiously will lead to irritated and damaged skin. This causes the skin to over compensate by creating large amounts of oil, which doesn't help. In fact, it only makes the acne worse and promotes breakouts.
Cleanse your face gently with mild cleansers. Don't go overboard. Lay off of heavy makeup. Wash your pillowcase often and keep from touching your face. These will actually help you.
Bad Food Causes Breakouts
Thank God this isn't true! I try to eat right but it's hard to see the Golden Arches in the distance and not get a McFlurry! OMG, did I just admit that?! Also, chocolate and greasy foods like fried chicken won't form a zit alliance to attack your face.
Eat right--true, but don't avoid the full enjoyment of eating because of acne. Food isn't the culprit!

I'm Stressed Out
Yeah right. Maybe you are. Maybe you aren't. Fact is, who isn't under stress? And since everyone is under it, wouldn't that mean every face is littered with acne?! Think it through. Stress may contribute to the body's overall ecosystem, but it's not out to prevent acne from disappearing. And stress is not out to promote it either.
If you're so stressed, take 10 minutes and wash your skin gently with natural mild cleansers. Unwittingly, you will have decompressed and lowered your level of stress from the process of cleaning your skin.
Acne Prevents Moisturizers
This is a tricky one because you don't want to clog your skin with more creams and such. But the truth of it is, all skin needs to be balanced with moisturizer.
Look for moisturizers that are "noncomedogenic," which means that your pores will be less likely clogged from its use. Treat your acne first, then follow it up with the right moisturizer.
Tanning Clears Acne
I used to tan, but not to cure acne. Truth of it is, I never really had an acne problem. Sure, I had the occasional pimple here and there, but not excessive breakouts. I got lucky! But no matter your acne predicament, tanning, whether it be in the sun or a salon is not going to help you. While the process of tanning will dry out your face, you're just begging your skin to over compensate by producing even more skin oils! Also, have you ever paused to consider the havoc you're unleashing on the condition of your skin, besides acne?! Not a good idea.
anyone else suddenly get an urge to eat fried chicken? hahaha I used to tan @marshalledgar. I loved it. Just got too expensive.
Actually one of my guy friend tanned his skin over the summer because he wants to hide the his imperfections, but the tan actually age his skin a bit.
Tanning is also subject to extra government taxation. Not sure what it's called, but you pay for it with your skin too. I don't tan and would like some color, but not going to go under UV lamps.
This is very helpful.
lol @darcysdiary My mom warned me against tanning. Never tried it, but I've thought about it.
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