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This is the church in the city of Cologne. I think one of the beat I have ever seen in Germany. nothing beats is might and magnificance. This picture was taken at a long exposure of 30 seconds with a low ISO of 100 to maintain quality and an f stop of 5.6 to have a more flay image as the distance between the bridge and the church is quite big and a higher f stop makes either of the subjects go out of focus because of increase in the depth of the field.
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hey thanks for the advice. I have a shutter release remote but didn't have it at that point. will try it though. well one thing I took care was that the exposure scale was at 0 (is that the right word. ? The gradient scale usually below the frame which tells you how much exposure is good for enough light to enter the lens. ? ) exactly at 30 seconds so it gave me enough light at ISO 100 @dillonk
I tend not to pay attention to the exposure scale as that is calculated by what the camera thinks should be the best exposure. What the camera thinks is right isn't always what you are going for, much like autofocus. You should always have your shutter release on you! It is such a handy tool and so small, it can easily fit in your camera bag.
Are you shooting in raw?
@dillonk yeah this visit to cologne was too hasty just forgot it
@Huna no. ..I don't the thing is I don't know of a good software to deal with RAW images