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If you're going to have a wedding reception at a place like this with gilt, moulding, and candelabra chandeliers, then you can safely get away with keeping your tablescapes minimal and therefore, under $5,000.
Notice how there are only a few tables decked with centerpieces that pull your eye. Personally, I would have dressed up the rest of the tables with better centerpieces, so it didn't look so "forgotten." But my assessment stands. Always keep in mind that when your venue space is so encompassing, you can afford to skimp on the centerpieces. People are going to be so mesmerized by the location that they won't bother with the tablescapes.
I've been to several events where the tablescapes and the venue competed for the attention. That's not a good problem to have because it's wasted money. You don't get the full value out of the grandeur of either the location or the tables. Keep this in mind when you are working with your tablescape designer after you've selected the venue.
True. I wonder, though, if the tables weren't dressed all the way for the picture. Many times event photographers will take pictures well before the event to get before shots and to chronicle the event for the producers.
This reminds me of New Orleans. The red. The wrought iron.
Are you a wedding planner @nixonWoman? My sister is getting married next January. I'm helping her with it.
I agree @nixonWoman the tables should be more lush. More oomph. But the windows are so beautiful. Not my style but very pretty.
I thought it was from a still from a movie or a television show when I first saw this. @darcysdiary