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Two different centerpiece concepts (not for the same event) are seen here to give you an idea of what can be accomplished for the centerpieces, which are part of your tablescape budget. In one design you have a triad of low-to-medium glass vessels containing clustered flowers. In the second design the design is elevated in a tall slender class vase. The flowers are more expensive in the second design than the first.
To save money, however, you can alternate the two designs on all your tables so that you're not paying for massive centerpieces on every single table. It's totally okay to mix things up and break up the homogeny from table to table.
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Yeah, I would have liked that too @marshalledgar I really hope that people are getting some good info out of these kinds of cards.
both are really pretty. what is the wihte flower with the lillies? in the right picture.@nixonwoman
@noonmarez The white calla lillies are mixed with white dendrobium orchids. So pretty together.
@noonmarez @NixonWoman I agree! They really are pretty together.
orchids are great, but I still love my roses