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Foreign food is a hit or miss in Seoul. For the past couple of months, I've been trying out different restaurants in city and I've been struck with disappointment for most Italian food. Last week my co-worker told me about an Italian Bistro that carries lasagna. Upon hearing the word lasagna, I was excited to give this place a try. I haven't had a good plate of lasagna in ages and it is difficult to buy the proper noodle and cheese to make this dish in Seoul. Given Saturday was Valentine's Day, IK and I went to give this place a try.
To sum up the whole experience:
Price: $$
Service: 4/5 - Once we stepped in we were immediately seated by the window. The server responded to our request pretty quickly. However, the food took a little longer than expected because they prepare everything fresh as their customer orders. We appreciate the wait but it would nice if they offer more appetizers to keep us busy. We were sitting there for about 20+ minutes.
Interior: 3/5 - When I heard their name "Beautiful Table" I expected the interior to be extremely pretty (especially the table). To my surprise the table decoration was pretty simple - a wooden table with a paper placemat. No flowers or candles. Although, it's unique how the half of the wall for wine storage.
Food: 4/5 - See review below.
Appetizer: A small piece of homemade bread with a shot of potato soup. Do not let the photo above fool you, it's actually smaller than it looks. Despite the bird-size portion, we were both satisfy with the taste of both bread and their potato soup.
Pesto Spaghetti ($18): You can tell they made this fresh because the potato is not mushy at all. For those that are used to marinara, rose or cream spaghetti you may find this bland. Although this is oil-base it wasn't oily at all (something I really appreciate).
We decided to share the dish while waiting for the lasagna to come out.
Lasagna ($18): The outside layer was just what I was expected. The inside layer was more watery than the ones I was used to but it wasn't bad at all. I only wish their were more cheese and noodles. I felt like 75% of the bakeware was filled with ground beef.
Dessert: (left) homemade blueberry ice-cream and (right) milk pudding. The ice-cream is not your typical creamy texture. It's a bit tarty maybe because it's homemade. However, the milk pudding was amazing. I can't complain about the portion since it's in-house service. Would I come back again? Yes, only for special occasion. It's too pricey for a weekly thing.
Beautiful Table (아름다운 식탁) Location: 129-14 Samseong 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Phone: 82 2-564-0987
@cindystran I would love to see more cards like this! I want to learn more about Seoul and the food there! Wonderful pictures too!!!
@TessStevens thanks! I actually have more pictures but I haven't been able to upload them yet. I took them in raw so I have to transfer convert them to JPEG. I'll slowly post it!
Ive never been to Seoul but this was not the kind of food I was expecting! You take really great food pictures too - that lasagna looks amazing!!
For some reason the lasagna looks really healthy.
The dessert looks so cute!