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Up until recently, Krikor Jabotian was little more than unknown. Today, his name is reaching the globe for innovative designs that are anything but mainstream, yet extremely wearable. Haute Couture, eat your heart out!
The images are from his Spring 2015 look for brides. Notice the detailing and the silhouettes. Although the gowns featured here don't show prices, neither does his website.'s probably a safe bet that his gowns aren't readily accessible. Just be on the lookout for his designs in America.
This is my absolute favorite, which is why it's first.
Can you handle the madness that is this bow?! My second favorite, hence the placement.
I like the angel dress too. It's very unique, which I love. @darcysdiary
If only the last one was floor length with a chapel train. Would be perfect. Good color too.
Thanks for the compliment @marshalledgar. Come to Miami some time; I'll buy you a drink.
@nixonwoman I've seen your Liquid Lunch collection. It's a lot of fun. Great mix of both fashion and alcohol. @DaniaChicago, I hadn't heard of Krikor before either until just a day ago. That's why I wanted to feature him here.
He's a young designer. Interesting fashion ideas for brides. not traditional really.
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