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The host of Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney, sat down with Health magazine to share her thoughts on exercise and how to stay confident about your body regardless of your shape and size!

On Working Out

As someone who has been on TV for more than 20 years (she joined Days of Our Lives at the age of 16) Alison has always worked to maintain a fit figure. After working with The Biggest Loser, though, she found that while she looked fine on the outside, her workouts were actually not doing what she wanted them to really do for her.
"I used to get on a treadmill, watch Scandal and 48 minutes later, I'm like, "I got a good workout." But it's important to pay attention to what you're doing. There are mirrors in a gym because you're supposed to be looking at yourself. There's a mindfulness to fitness."
She now focuses on how exercise makes her feel inside rather than out, and enjoys hiking and running outdoors whenever she can.

On Body Image

The Biggest Loser is all about making a huge life style change and gaining invaluable confidence in yourself. Alison shares that she is always shocked by the lack of confidence or self appreciation that many contestants have.
"We had a contestant this season [on Biggest Loser] who said she was going to love herself when she got to her target weight. I almost started to cry. As a mother of a daughter, body image is an issue very close to my heart."
While her six year old daughter has not had any body image issues, Alison is aware of how those negative thoughts can be right around the corner - especially living in Los Angeles where body image and diet is talked about more than the weather.
"I've heard [my daughter] use words like skinny. Around her, I'm hyperaware of all those habits women have—or, I have—of apologizing for my body. If I'm wearing a bikini, I don't want to wrap up in a towel or be the first person to point out my faults. I think, "I'm just going to wear this bathing suit and play with my kids and not think about it."
Alison has a way with dealing with her negative thoughts that I think we should all adopt. It is something we can harness and use to inspire us, not to hold us down.
"I struggle with them. There's something human in that. It's not that the feelings are wrong. It's what you do about it that means something. You might say, "Oh, my arms" when you look in the mirror. But if you let it bring you down, you're allowing that feeling to take over. Acknowledge the thought and let it move on. That's something you have to practice, and you can get good at it."
Sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders!
I like her thoughts on how we look at our bodies. It is okay and natural to not love something about your body but, as she said, "it's what you do about it that means something."
She sounds pretty awesome. I honestly didn't know who she was until I read this but now I'm a fan haha
I'm definitely the get on a treadmill and not pay attention for an hour kind of girl :/