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Chalkboards brought this to you. I can say that with sincerity because when I was looking at some things to buy for my home I kept coming across chalk boards. Like EVERYWHERE! I know I've seen them for weddings before but wanted to see what I could find. And the pictures you see before you are from my quest. And though I found the chalkboard next to the cake to be apropos, I discovered this really elegant wedding that took place outside.
I call this a rustic fantasy because although it's got all the hardware of rustic church-meets-barnhouse, it still feels very whimsical. Bringing the church pews outdoors was so inventive and fresh. Love that idea.
Scroll through all the pictures and then tell me what you think. Feeling it? Love it? Maybe you just abhor it altogether. LOL Either way, I want to know what you're thinking and planning for your own wedding.
This looks like Washington State. Is it? I live on Whidbey Island.
That cake looks incredible!
This is so romantic! I love this real wedding. Such a cool idea about the church benches.
Not sure where it is @noonmarez. sorry
It's sweet and pretty