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Vitamin D is essential for our health in so many ways. From stronger bones, to a brighter outlook on life, getting enough of this vitamin is the best way to live a happy healthy life. Here are six sources of excellent amounts of Vitamin D!

1. Sunlight

Sunlight spurs the body to make vitamin D. A small amount of sun exposure without sunscreen can do the trick: try for about 20 to 25 uninterrupted minutes a day!

2. Fatty fish

Along with those awesome omega-3s, you can find a great source of vitamin D in fatty fish. Common options include salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, and eel.

3. Orange Juice

One 8-ounce glass of fortified juice can give you a serious vitamin D boost. Two fortified brands, Florida Natural Orange Juice and Minute Maid Kids+ Orange Juice, contain 100 IUs per 8-ounce serving.

4. Egg Yolks

Since the vitamin D in an egg comes from its yolk, it's important to use the whole egg—not just the whites. One yolk will give you about 40 IUs!

5. Fortified Cereals

Choose a low-calorie fortified cereal like Multi Grain Cheerios to get part of your daily fill of vitamin D. A 1-cup (29 gram) serving with one-half cup of fortified milk is 90 IUs; add in an 8-ounce glass of fortified orange juice, and your total is close to 200 IUs!
@galinda There's vitamin D fortified soy milk too! :)
@danidee That's the kind I always buy :)
Sunshine is the best and easiest source, that's for sure!
There is also vitamin d fortified milk fyi!
I am actually not a fan of fortified juices so I'll stick to my salmon and spinach for vitamin d :)
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