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This is a real wedding designed by the geniuses at Wink!, which is a custom design and planning firm that specializes in creating "experiences" to charm you and your guests. Whether you need coordination, styling or the full package, Wink will get it done, with panache. I mention them, not to advertise, but to give credit where it's due. One Love Photography is responsible for the pictures, but the idea behind it left me GAGGING! What bride would disagree?!
I love EVERYTHING about this wedding brunch, except one thing. And I hate to even bring it up, but it's sort of nagging at me. The flowers running the length of the tables seems too overwhelming for the size of the table. It's a proportion issue. I would have liked to see flowers more sparse in design and much lower to the table. Maybe a few tall ones. I'll concede that this decision may have been the bride's and not the Wink designers.
If you liked this concept I would like to hear about it. Would you like to see more Real Weddings? Please leave a comment below. I think I may start a whole collection so you can get great ideas to make your wedding day fun and exciting for you and your guests.
@darcysdiary The wedding venue belongs to -- They have two separate venues available, but the one they used for this event is Millwick.
Ah, thank you @danidee Have you been there before? This wedding is so cute.
I don't know @darcysdiary. I'd love to find out though. Im in LA. Shouldn't be too hard to find out.
For who @noonmarez? Are you planning a wedding? Is it for your daughter?
This is something that I would like to do for her here in Langley.
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