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We're not quite done with red nails yet. In celebration of Lunar New Year (this thursday), here's a cherry blossom nail design tutorial made just for you. I couldn't find a real demonstration, so I drew it up on photoshop.


Polishes - red, black, white, pink, and gold.
A couple of tooth picks or dot tool


1. Apply a base coat and your red base polish. Then start drawing the branches using a black polish.
2. Take your dot tool or the round part of the tooth pick and make white circles (depicting flower petals) on the branch. It doesn't have to be perfect.
3. Using another toothpick or dot tool layer a pink circle on the white petals.
4. Finally add the center of the flower with a gold polish (using the same technique). Seal with top coat.
Tip: You can use a lighter (more scatter) glitter polish and coat one layer over the design to create a nice glitter background.
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@mikayla That's actually my favorite scent from BBW. Love this nail art!
3 years ago·Reply
@mikayla Great observation!
3 years ago·Reply
Wow this is GORGEOUS! I am totally trying this (I already have the base red on!)
3 years ago·Reply
So cute! And looks really professional too.
3 years ago·Reply
Really pretty:)
3 years ago·Reply