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Featured on Anna Hurley's custom wedding invitation designs are so much fun to look at. Makes you wonder why you didn't think of that, right?
Her design aesthetic is a nod toward mid-century and evokes the styling of children's posters from the late 1950's. These wedding invitations are all the more fun because they were produced using a letterpress.
It's okay if you're a bit eccentric or favor the unique. It's your wedding day, so make it fun for everyone, especially you. Don't ever lose your voice in the wedding details. You're spending a lot of money, so make sure the event and everything leading up to the event (and after) is your style through and through.
These are the kinds of cards that would be perfect for those boho chic weddings that I saw @marshalledgar post. Really sweet.
so whimsical. sweet designs.
These almost remind me of this famous graphic artist Shag's style.
hmmm...must be living under a rock cuz I don't know who shag is @danidee
These are so fun and whimsical. Cute! <3