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Everyone has dealt with this at one point in their life. Whether it may or may not be ongoing, it's helpful to know how to cope with back pain instead of letting the pain take control of your life.

Types of Pain:

In order to treat pain pain you need to understand the type of pains you have.
1. Acute: Happens in a fly. It can be brief or last for weeks or months. The pain usually goes away once the cause has been treated. 2. Chronic pain: Ongoing pain, may result from an injury or infection or not. This pain usually persists for months or years and generally affects your physical and emotional well-being. This is the more serious one.

Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

1. Stick with an easy-to-digest diet to alleviate inflammation. Eat more leafy greens, omega-3, and low-sugar fruits.
2. Inflammation is a common cause of pain, and certain chemicals in foods may exacerbate it. Stay away from these possible inflammation instigators: processed foods, high-fat red meat, soda, coffee, wheat products, and dairy.
3. Include turmeric in your diet. This bright color spice contains curcumin, which provides a natural way to reduce inflammation in the body, without harming the liver or kidneys.
4. Exercise like yoga promotes both strength and flexibility while calming the mind and decreasing stress. Highly recommended for those suffering from chronic pain.
5. Fix your posture. Keep your head directly above a tall, straight spine to prevent strain on your back and neck muscles.
6. Invest in a good pillow to help you sleep comfortably.
7. Seek professional care such as physical therapy or acupuncture method to reduce pain.
I have a chronic pain condition, and I think the best thing you can do for yourself is try as many pain remedies as possible and really find out what works for you. I love taking baths and showers with really hot water when my body hurts. It really breaks up the tension in your lower back.
I have found that stretching and walking a lot has helped my back pain, but mine was never really that serious.
This article made me sit up straighter before I even finished reading about acute back pain lol!
Posture is definitely my biggest problem!
My mom used to take turmeric pills daily when I was younger. It would help with inflammation everywhere and really helped with her back and hip pain!
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