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It's a great thing to love what you do. Do these videos look like a typical day on the job to you? I don't think so!!
Meet Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore. He's just experienced Thunder Snow, which is a cool phenomenon that only happens about 7 times PER YEAR in the United States. Thundersnow is what it's called when lightning and thunder happen during a snow storm--it can only happen with the perfect mix of atmospheric instability and, well, snow!

And so, Cantore freaks out, because he knows how lucky he is to experience this! Actually, he gets to see it 6 times. That's absolutely insane! I'm a bit of a weather nerd (though this stems from my fear of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes more than anything else), so it's really cool to see a guy like this--who has probably hoped to see this many times in his life--get to see it!