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day+dream in Nepal
This is a different kind of hiking video than I normal share. Mostly, I'm into US based thru hikes, and we often see videos of either those, or of crazy alpine hikes in the Himalayas. Today, I share instead a video of one man's journey trekking in Nepal.

The Himalaya of Nepal aren't simply a destination for alpine hikes but also for journeys to see the people and know their lands (even those that aren't so high up). This video gives a cool perspective of the Himalaya away from Everest, though it was shot in the Khumbu Valley on the trek to Everest Base Camp. Enjoy!

I've never really wanted to climb Everest, but this kind of trekking looks like a lot of fun to me.
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@treedweller Yes! It's totally another part of exploring and hiking: enjoying the people and the location surrounding the mountains!
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I've never thought of Nepal or the Himalayas beyond Everest, to be honest. This is a cool glimpse into that difference view :)
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thank u soo much happyrock for this video being nepali its makes proud when someone sears good aspect of beautiful country nepal himalayas thank u very much... I suggest everyone to go n feel the natural in nepal. u will missed it a lot... :)
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@NoSixJersy That's awesome--glad I could share something that nepali approve of, too! I really hope to travel there someday. It looks like a really, really beautiful place.
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