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As you can see from the cards I post in collections like Amazing Hiking Films and Explore More, I watch a lot of adventure videos. I can't help it: the call of the outdoors is strong, and there are just so many well made adventure videos these days that there's nearly a constant flow of something to watch.
Which is why the fact that this video impresses me immensely is so, well, impressive. Camp 4 Collective, as you'll find out in this video, is a team of three who make awesome videos about the outdoors simply because A) they work well together and B) they want to share cool sights with those who will just get it. And let me tell you: I got it. I rarely enjoy brand introduction videos such as this one, but it made me smile, and gave me the sense that these guys aren't just doing this because they're good at it, but also because they really love it.
If you need proof, just watch the two videos below. You'll feel it, too.
I don't know, that video got me pretty pumped up to watch more lol
@chowder Yeah the commentary got to be a little much (especially because they used that brand video VOICE that's just so expected) but it's pretty good!
Some of the commentary kind of pulled me from the immersion, but for the most part it was really good!
Brand video or not, they make fantastic videos. I still have chills from when I first watch The Ridge.
@treedweller Well, I think it was made to advertise them as a business (they've worked on many commercials, etc.) but also to include the aside and the fact of the matter that they wnat to tell real stories that deserve to be told, and they'll tell them even if they're not getting paid for it.
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