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Real talk: rivers are awesome. They bring so much life into our world, quite literally, and are a huge part of so many ecosystems. The rivers of the Northwest are, of course, no exception to this rule, and this kid Parker has 50 things he loves about rivers. Check em out. What do you love about them?
I love walking or hiking alongside a river for a long time, and seeing how it changes as I move up or down the mountain. Seeing how it widens and and narrows. Seeing what animals, organisms, bugs and just little critters live in it. Rivers are pretty amazing, aren't they?
We need to all take this kind of just exploration trip every once and a while-just appreciate nature!
@happyrock I think we are all big kids, you're right!
I love so many of these things too!!! I guess we're all sort of just big kids :)
We need to keep the world clean and alive for all the other little kids out there like this one--amazed at the wonder that surrounds us!