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Girls are pretty awesome. We can do what we want, look beautiful doing it, and scare the hell out of everyone who is standing in our way. While we might now always feel like it, we are a powerful incredible group of people who have the ability to do pretty much anything. Here are five quick and simple steps to feeling the female power right this second.
1. Radically accept yourself.
Think about all the parts of yourself you loathe - we all have them, be it personality 'flaws' or your jiggly upper arms. Then, ask yourself: what would I do if I loved those parts of myself?
Now right down all of those bits of you that you hate and think of them as things you love. Memorize that list. Every time a self-criticizing thought pops up in your mind, say to yourself: I love this part of me. Keep doing it until it feels true.
2. Be alone.
Most people feel loved and confident when they are surrounded by friends and loved ones, but cultivating a relationship with yourself is one of the most important things you can do to become a confident, independent woman. Learn to be alone, contentedly, happily, joyously. Love yourself without thinking you need someone else to prove that to you.
3. Celebrate other women.
Too often, we look at other women as competition. Instead of being a part of this cycle of judgment, change the game and celebrate other women. Give the person you’re most envious of the most incredibly genuine compliment you can think of. Spread the love and it will come back to you eventually.
4. Create a playlist of music by women you truly admire.
Then have a dance party in your underpants. I'm serious.
5. Write your manifesto.
Open up Word, grab a pen, punch it in your cell phone . Copy the following prompt at the top of the page:
This is the kind of fucking woman I am…
Then, write.
I totally have a power woman playlist! Thats a great tip ahaha
I love step number three. Spread the love!
I actually enjoy spending time alone and my friends think it's weird why I enjoy it so much. I'm not an introvert but after a long day of hanging out with people I like having my own quiet time to rejuvenate.
@galinda I can understand not wanting to go to a fancy restaurant or something like that by yourself but every day things should be no-problem!
I actually really love going to the movies solo or going to a cafe all alone day to work. I don't get it when my friends don't feel comfortable going out by themselves for the day.
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