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Hi guys, Sidney here, i just wanted to say that i will be creating a series of short stories corresponding to what i'm going through, they won't be about me but about a guy who well of course falls in love but is later sucked into a world he has no recollection that it is his own fantasy/dream. I will be releasing it chapter by chapter every two weeks or so, i'm hoping that these series of short stories will capture you all as it is also what i want to do in the future, write short stories, also i would like to take the time for those who gave my poems a chance and reading, liking and giving feedback you have all opened my eyes. thank you.
@Voltron15 It couldn't possibly disappoint!
Looking forward to it as well :) I dont' think you can disappoint--all writing, even that still in revision, is worth reading!
I'll try not to disappoint.
Sounds good to me! Looking forward to reading it!