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Who's not obsessed with this film? Okay, the main lead doesn't actually have grey hair but let's get inspired by this color. Whether you’re aiming for the perfect smokey eye or an understated manicure, give this tone a try. You'll be surprised by the result.
Gray Lips
Let's start with the lips, if you've been following Swedish beauty blogger Linda Halberg, you'll see she isn’t afraid to try anything. Take this gray lip for example it's not your typical fresh-faced look.
Gray Glitter Mani
Remember the glitter gradient tutorial I posted not to long ago? Here's your chance to try it out with gray polish
Gay Ombre Hair
Who's a risk-taker here? Try this edgy dip-dyed look like Lilah Parsons. If you're not ready to do the real thing, try hair chalk for the same hue (without the permanent change).
Matte Gray Mani
If glitter and shine is not your cup of tea, go matte. It's a super chic hue for those chilly winter days. Plus it's classy. You can't go wrong with it.
Light Gray Smokey Eye
A perfect day to eye makeup? Ditch the dark hue and go with a lighter take on the traditional smokey eye. Tip: Using silver shimmery shadows in the corners of your lids will really make your eyes pop.
Are you grayed out yet?
Okay, I'm in love with the gray ponytail updo (and the makeup she's wearing)!
I don't think I can ever go least not until I'm 50 or 60. However, I do love the nails!
@alise you meant "didn't" right? haha. Anyways, this is pretty awesome. I wouldn't dare to try gray hair but I'm love the nails!
I don't watch 50 shades of gray but I'm loving the gray theme here! Especially the ombre hair.