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Hello everyone! It's greggr, the creative writing community moderator. Here are this weeks featured cards: enjoy! Make sure to comment, like, clip and show how much you like reading them.

Trespassers by @WynnBrothers

This is a great piece: a full chapter straight in our Community, and if you want to read the rest, just leave a comment there and they'll get you set up with a free download code from Amazon. Mostly, though, I liked this piece even without the free download, because it is an interesting idea that I haven't heard before, and it's thorough. I'd love to see more pieces like this one in the future. Long, chaptered works in progress would be nice, too.

Prompt Shout-Out to Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro has done a great job in providing us with writing prompts every few days, serves as inspiration for pieces like this one by @hikaymm. Thank you, and let's all keep trying to use these prompts!


While I think of this one as a work in progress, I think it's on the right path. I particularly like the introduction, which starts with an introductory definition: Control, to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. Check it out!


Orenshani7 is still continuing his intriguing collection about dance, and some big figures involved in it. I particularly liked this section because of the use of foreshadowing, pulling us towards what happens next. If you haven't yet read, check it all out.
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@hikaymm thanks for spotting that tag. :-)
@greggr thanks for featuring our card and for the kind words. We hope everyone who wants a free digital copy of the full novel will let us know so we can give them a gift card.
Oops! Fixed it--also, forgot to mention that @wynnbrothers card will be featured for 1 week!
I don't think your tag for the @wynnbrothers worked! But thanks for mentioning my piece as well :)