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This post isn't necessarily about K-pop, but I know that all of us here are also very interested in Korean culture so I wanted to share an introduction to a traditional Korean New Year dinner here.
For those of you who don't know, my mother is Korean, so we celebrate certain Korean holidays at home and New Years is by far my favorite.
Here's a little intro into what you'd find if you were celebrating New Years in an average Korean home (spoiler alert: its a lot of food)
I'm using the YouTube chef 'Maangchi' as a guide because she is awesome and will teach you how to cook amazing Korean food!
Here we go!

1. DdeokGuk (떡국) aka Rice Cake Soup

Ddeok is one of the greatest things in the world. Think of it as Japanese mochi but in many more shapes and uses. We cover this stuff in hot sauce, sweet sauce, we put nuts in it, we hide it in bread, we put it in ramen. It's everywhere.
Ddeokguk is a brothy soup filled with ddeok, pieces of egg, green onion, and often meat, carrots, and pepper.

2. Jeon (전) aka Savory Pancakes

Like ddeok, there are so many kinds of jeon out there to be loved.
Here are some of my favorites:
김치전/kimchi jeon - kimchi pancake
파전/pajeon - scallion pancake
호박전/hobakjeon - pumpkin pancake
해물파전/haemul pajeon - seafood scallion pancake
참치전/chamchi jeon - tuna pancake
This is probably the easiest Korean food to make, just mix, throw in a skillet, fry, and flip! Serve with a little soy sauce on the side and you're in heaven!

3. Sujeonggwa (수정과) Cinnamon Persimmon Drink???

I have no idea what to call this in English... basically its just a really tasty sweet drink that is made with cinnamon, ginger, and dried persimmons. It us sometimes served with pine nuts as decoration too!

4. Japchae (잡채) Glass Noodles???

Again, what do I call this in English lol.
This is a Korean dish that you'll probably love if you don't like spicy food. Korean food packs a punch so if you want to be safe and steer clear of the spice - go for japchae!

설날 (Lunar New Year) is on 2/19 so get ready!

Yayayayay!! I'm so excited to make lunar new year food. And I've seen 수정과 called Cinnamon Persimmon Punch, but whenever I think of punch, I think of like.. Hi-C, so your description might be better hahaha.
I've made kimchijeon before and it is soooooo good haha
Hi-C lmao I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes that correlation @danidee