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I live in Quebec, Canada. We always argue that we have the worst weather across the world. From summer to winter, the temperature does vary from -32C to +32C so we need a lot of clothes to accommodate to the changing weather. I was a bit curious about other places in the world and did a bit of research. The results were surprising and chocking... We have to compare with deep Russia to find worst. It's now a fact, it's cold in Quebec.
Does it get that cold in the southern areas of Quebec as well? @patrickballeux
I lived in Chicago for 8 years. I don't know the temps by number, but i remember unrelenting wind, frostbite chills and sweaty summertime with no relief in either climate. Glad to be in Los Angeles.
Wow, that sounds nearly unbearable. I've lived on the East Coast of the US before where the weather, too, varies quite a lot (I'm not good in Celsius, but it goes from 90F in summer to 0F in winter. Still, not nearly as cold as you get, or hot for that matter.
I always want to visit Quebec and Montreal but now I'm just shivering.
That's crazy cold. I wouldn't want to travel to Canada during winter. How's summer there?
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