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I live in Quebec, Canada. We always argue that we have the worst weather across the world. From summer to winter, the temperature does vary from -32C to +32C so we need a lot of clothes to accommodate to the changing weather. I was a bit curious about other places in the world and did a bit of research. The results were surprising and chocking... We have to compare with deep Russia to find worst. It's now a fact, it's cold in Quebec.
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In the summer, we do get great weather, between 20-32 Celsius from June to September.
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Wow, that sounds nearly unbearable. I've lived on the East Coast of the US before where the weather, too, varies quite a lot (I'm not good in Celsius, but it goes from 90F in summer to 0F in winter. Still, not nearly as cold as you get, or hot for that matter.
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I lived in Chicago for 8 years. I don't know the temps by number, but i remember unrelenting wind, frostbite chills and sweaty summertime with no relief in either climate. Glad to be in Los Angeles.
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Does it get that cold in the southern areas of Quebec as well? @patrickballeux
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It's a bit warmer to the south, @greggr, mainly Montreal. But not that much
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