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A basic skin care requires three steps - cleanse, tone and moisturize. However, many people neglect toning in their beauty routine. Believe it or not facial toning is an important step for healthy skin. Facial toners help keep your pH balanced, detoxify your skin and allow better moisturizer absorption.
How does toner balance your pH level?
Our skin pH level ranges between 5 - 6.5. However, when we wash our face the skin's natural balance is disrupted and as a result more oil is produced (from the dryness). We need some oil to prevent bacteria but some produce too much and others produce too little. Toning will help normalize the pH level leaving your skin balanced.
How does toner detoxify your skin?
Throughout the day our skin is in contact with environmental toxins and free radicals. In addition, cosmetics such as makeup can stress out our skin. The concept of drinking water to detoxify your liver can be applied to our skin. Toners will immediately boost your water level, keep your skin healthy, defers wrinkles and retains youth.
How does toner allow better moisturizer absorption?
Lotion and moisturizer actually acts the layer that locks in water. When your face is tone the moisturizer naturally sinks in and hydrates more effectively.
The bottom line: If you want a healthy clear skin you should not neglect this step!
More women need to know this!!! It really makes a difference to the overall health of your skin! Toners give your face a more radiant, youthful glow, and with using the right skincare products, you'll notice how effective they can be almost immediately.
@mikayla Typically its on the dry side. especially in the winter months!
@LindsayMoody What's your skin type?
where can you find toners? I live nowhere close to a Macy's and am not very experienced with them. So I would like to know which ones are good vs not so good!
@JeannieBaker well said!
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