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The world it turns, and time carries on, we will never forget that some things have gone, we know your here and that your watching from above, the lights still there and its filled with love. Your time on this earth was too quick for me, but God had a plan, one we couldn't see, he needed you in heaven for reasons unknown, but I'm ok now because I know your not alone. We promise to remember and never forget, the music you play, its embedded, its set, in our heart and soul the tune plays forever, till were all up above in the clouds together. You shine and gleam for all to see, but only those who know have the powers that be, comfort and reasurance of the fact that we know, we will see you again, and not just your glow. This poem maybe over now but don't ever think, we wont remember the girl who always loved pink, your still here in our heart although your so far, you will always be our SUPER STAR!...... X
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Nice! We never forget those we love, and this poem really does a good job of showing how and why :)
Thankyou very much x
I love this poem so much!馃挅馃挅
Thankyou so much x
Very sweet and meaningful . Thank you for sharing .