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Get an insider look on how an idea for a new deck comes to life. It all starts with a prototype. But how do you make one? Bustin blog has the answer.
Step 1: Think of a board
This is where you get to be creative. It will be easier and faster by just pencil on paper, but digital designs will be much more accurate.
Step 2: Make a mold!
There are a bunch of instructions and DIY projects online that will explain how to make a mold and/or press. Look that up if you need help with this stage.
Mold making part 2.
Step 3: Press a panel
Once you have 2 halves of a mold, a positive and negative, you can use them to make a skateboard sammich. Many use maple, bamboo or a combination of the two. What you need is a nice layer of wood glue then tons and tons of pressure to keep the layers together.
Step 4: Cut the board
After it has been left a few hours drying in the press, you can begin to cut the shape of your board from the panel itself. To be more precise you will need a CNC machine!
Cutting Process part two.
Step 5: SANDING! Lots of it!
Step 6: Paint it!
Step 7: Grip it!
Step 8: SKATE IT!
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