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marriage is like an omelets, it is only as good as the eggs,. You don't need to be married to fulfil God's purpose in your life; don't rush into marriage. some people just get into marriage because they are lonely; see friends what you don't understand is that marriage does not solve loneliness problem,it exposes it. Marriage is a choice not a requirement.A wise man ounces said that you don't choose the kind of kids you want to give birth to,or the parent that gave birth to you, the only choice you have is the kind of man you get married to. QUESTION TO ASK YOUR SELF.. 1) If you know all you knew about urself would you love to marry you? 2) could u live with u for the rest of your life. so friends prepare yourself before you think of getting married.
Marriage is a big change, for sure, and a choice you have to think about thoroughly before you do ti! Still, I know I want to get married someday :)
i wish my ex could understand that we wouldn't be separated
I don't see any thing worng in marriage its people choice marriage is not a trouble those who think like that is he had his own problem n the problem is not with marriage...once should be happy