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next to a fresh set of the same ones.... can't wait till i core these! I didn't realize how much thane I've put down haha they will be my first cored wheels:P next up... my kegels haha that's gonna take a whileXD
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hmm. they weren't worth it to me. Maybe it was just my weight, but I killed those mofos
did you not like them cause they wear out quick? @KTM2014
yeah @JaydenWashabaug I feel like they were a waste of money when I can try to find a wheel with the same grip to slide ratio that lasts way longer.
that's the whole reason I bought them honestly haha.. I love to see a shit load of thane on the streets.. that's honestly one of the biggest reasons I have them now haha but yea they are kinda expensive for what they are.. you can get wheels that feel super similar that take way longer to wear down @KTM2014
like venom cannibals. I love those things. im gonna keep buying them (after I try the alpine series wheel;) and would definitely suggest them to anyone. just super gripping until you take the skin off