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next to a fresh set of the same ones.... can't wait till i core these! I didn't realize how much thane I've put down haha they will be my first cored wheels:P next up... my kegels haha that's gonna take a whileXD
like venom cannibals. I love those things. im gonna keep buying them (after I try the alpine series wheel;) and would definitely suggest them to anyone. just super gripping until you take the skin off
yeah @JaydenWashabaug I feel like they were a waste of money when I can try to find a wheel with the same grip to slide ratio that lasts way longer.
those things die do fast! love them, but too expensive for the product. stick to freeriding those downhill wheels. that's what im doing from now on
Can't wait to throw mine on my next setup
Ethan cochard has some cores kegals on his instagram
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