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Bike Drafting at 124 km/h
Check out these cyclists as they pass cars on the highway going 77mph+. These guys are really booking it, but they should be careful. Fast moving cars, no helmet, drafting closely to cars and changing lanes could all be a recipe for disaster. I'm just glad everyone is okay, that means we can enjoy watching this insane video!
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Damn that's fast. These guys are booking it
3 years ago·Reply
Actually, I think it's very reckless. Fun is one thing, but stupid is another. If they did that here in Las Vegas they would already be roadkill.
3 years ago·Reply
I agree with @VincentSantos, reckless and stupid!
3 years ago·Reply
Now thats a draft!
3 years ago·Reply
@VincentSantos I completely agree
3 years ago·Reply