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Peter Sagan is one of the best bike handlers of his generation. Which, of course, means that he can do a pretty great wheelie. In this video he tried to show us how to wheelie like a pro. Apparently it's easier to do one-handed but we're not so sure about that one...
Wheelie-ing is a skill that many road cyclists have yet to master. It's one of those tricks that many cyclists learn when they're young and the skill development and bike awareness that you get from it is great for all bike handling situations.
@TeamWaffles It helps that he came from a background of mountain biking, learning to wheelie on a road bike probably wasn't too hard after that
Yeah, I don't think I'll ever be able to do a wheelie like that on a road bike. Now bunny hops, that's an entirely different story
@AnthonyB Definitely a talented rider!
One of my favorites on the road. He is awesome!