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The London Underline is a new, award-winning project that is essentially a sustainable underground cycling network.
The international design firm Gensler suggested a subterranean network of pedestrian and bike paths using abandoned metro line tunnels. The tunnels would need to be cleaned, repaved and given some life, but there is a lot of potential here. Gensler suggested that the tunnels be lit sustainably from overhead by kinetic tiles that harvest energy from downtown footsteps overhead.
The London Underline won 'Best Conceptual Project' at the 2015 London Planning Awards. This kind of project could prove incredible beneficial for London. Not only would it bring a solution to downtown traffic jams, dangerous roads, and even unpredictable weather, but it could also address London's growth problems. London is predicted to grow to an overall population of 10 million by 2030, and a 400% increase in cyclists alone by 2025.
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Tunnels can be pretty isolated places at times when traffic's light
I'm thinking we'd need LOTS of bike cops
This is really neat!
@TeamWaffles Yup. Whose going to pay for it, how long would it take to implement, things like this are key steps to getting it done and I don't know the answers
@BikeSnob Interesting, I'd love to see it happen but I'd like to see if it actually works first.
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